Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Let your emotions settle
They need to come out
This is not meant to discourage you to speak up. On the contrary, Speak up.
Standing you grown is good for you life purpose
You are here to be happy
The world is moving fast.
emotions are flourishing, movement creates a sense of instability. The need to hold on, makes you feel attached, and thus it creates resistance to the flow of events.
As things move and you hold on you are against the current
The greatest force is felt when you are face on to the current.
let go
let go of any attempts rot hold to things, people, events
The movement of events is part of an orchestrated flow. The flow will continue with its force.
You can stir the current
You can shift it.
the momentum can  be used as you pleased

your emotions don't change the events, they change your perspective of the events.
your emotions structure you perception

you are first
that means all of you: your body, your mind, your needs
don't make you self wait
you are your primary focus
it is through you and your physical body that you experience and expand in this lifetime
you are part of the equation

Saturday, December 21, 2013

letting go

What does it really mean?

So, I thought or more specifically didn't think that it was going to be a big deal at all. It turns out that it was. I didn't think that the wound was not completely healed. I mean, it's being two and half years and many people in between (many at least from his side). I even dealt with a breakup and healing his heart. So, why this feelings?
in one instance I would argue about respect. Respecting who I am and my awkward position here. So, that would mean , stop with the texting at the time. now on the cake.
seriously, a cake attacking the kids and I?
because it is threatening my role (family).
and w you are right. I do think this is silly.
 as my sister said, it doesn't matter what I wear, I am who I am and that means at a lot. so, a lesson on self love? yes.  this is a lesson on self love. a lesson on truly letting go. and love.
unconditional love.
forgiving without judgment.
without expectation.

self love

Monday, December 16, 2013

Lo que es

Es eso y no es mas
Que sí está mal o no, no se. A largo plazo se sabrá la respuesta

Ser instrumento de cambio no es fácil cuando el cambio hace daño

Fue falta!

Veremos qué pasa en 3 semanas

Monday, August 20, 2012

Camino de Santiago

Esta decidido. Tiquete comprado. Voy a caminar un pedazo del camino de Santiago.
Me parece un poco increíble. Pero aquí voy.
Looking forward to it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

todo es cuestión de perspectiva.
lo que no debería cambiar en la paz interior.
creo que eso es lo mas importante,
independientemente de cualquier cosa que pase uno debería mantener su paz.
obviamente es mas facil decirlo que hacerlo.

Monday, July 09, 2012


y que es estar contenta?
alguien alguna vez me respondió que no estaba contento, si no que era feliz.
uno es un ser, el otro es un estar.
supongo que todos quisiéramos estar. Quizás se puede estar feliz, pero no siempre estar contento.
Mirandolo en macro, yo soy feliz. No tengo razón por no serlo, pero aun así, tengo situaciones que no siempre me ponen contenta.  No dudo por un minuto que sean por falta de madurez. Por que es obvio que la mayoría de las veces no entendemos por que nos pasan las cosas.

de ese tema, por que? para que?
cuando es que todo se alinea y pasan cosas?
por aquellos días en que menos pienso pasan cosas y los que días en que espero no pasa nada.

seria interesante y quizás así es,( aunque no lo vea tan claro), el por que se me cruzan personas en mi camino que me marcan.

lo mejor es lo que pasa.= según me dijeron

i would go back to the line from a movie, "everything will be all right at the end, and if it is not alright then it's not yet the end", btw a must see. The best exotic Marigold Hotel"

Monday, January 09, 2012

everything comes around
whether it is with the same person or with another things go in cycles.
and this cycle came back.
but i am not standing in the same place that i stood
i see things in a different light and i feel calm
i like feeling this peace and don't want to change it.